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Creating articles

Friday, March 16th, 2007

I’ve been away for a few days learning more about blogging and using WordPress.

I will be writing a bit of an article on buying used boats in the U.S. and bringing them to Canada. Not a big deal as long as you do a bit of preparation first. If you take a few steps and make a few phone calls before leaving to pick up your boat, you will save yourself a LOT of hassles at the boarder…and later when you go to register your boat and licence the trailer (if you get it with the boat).

Please fell free to add your experiences as well.


New Blog

Monday, March 12th, 2007

I am starting this blog to let people share some of their “Outdoor Fun” experiences….get it??

I started this website after buying my second boat on ebay. Like a lot of families we have had our “challenges”, but 2 years ago I bought a “cheap” boat on ebay, fixed it up and had a GREAT time on the water for the next 2 summers. It was the BEST time that we had as a family for quite a while.

Well the truth is that I really bought the boat to fix up and “flip” and make a few bucks. So when I sold it at the end of the 2006 boating season, I really felt a sense of loss of “family togetherness” so I went right out and bought another “fixer-upper”. We can hardly wait for it to warm up and get this one out on the water too. Now I know I’ll end up selling this one too but I also know that I will be getting another boat right away. Actually our dream is to similar to the “2-foot disease”, we want a boat about 26′ so that we can spend weekends on it.

So thus the website. There are LOTS of great deals out there that families can take advantage of to get outside and do things together. It doesn’t have to be boating…we like camping too. We went to Disney World a few years ago and it ran up about $5000.00. Now although it was a pretty good trip overall, we have nothing left to show for our money other than the pictures. Now that’s not to say I wouldn’t go back there, or some place like it, but I’d probably take an RV of some kind and make a bigger trip out of it…and save the $1000.00 on hotels to stay at more places along the way.

So please feel free to post your family activities, suggestions, trips, tricks, deals, etc. etc.

NOTE: this is the birth of a new blog so please excuse any growing pains along the way.