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Ice in April is cutting into Boating !

Friday, April 20th, 2007

This weekend I helped a friend pick up his “new” boat that he bought on the net. After about a 6 hour drive and overnight stay in Ottawa we finally got to see it. The last owner did a lot of work to it and did a pretty good job too.

So we dragged it to beautiful Golden Lake where we were kinda hoping to put it in the water and try it out. But that’s a little hard to do with all that ICE in the way !!  And to top it off it actually snowed some more for us. Oh well…shudda known better than to push the season.

Well now we have GREAT weather this week but I still can’t get my boat out because my refrigerator has crapped out….again….so I have to thaw the ICE out of it and fix it.

Seeeeeeee…….ICE in April is screwing up everything !!   But no fear…it’ll be unwrapped later this week so I can get it in the water by the beginning of the month.  Uh….if it starts  :(

Boating Hell

Wednesday, April 4th, 2007

Tell us your boating horror stories. Maybe someone else can learn something from your problems and solutions.