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Got the boat home !!

Thursday, May 10th, 2007

Well I finally got my boat home to get it ready for the summer.

I bought this one, a 1982 4 Winns 18′ bowrider with a 120hp merc I/O, on ebay last year from a dealer in Jamestown NY. Got it for $600 with the trailer. Overall it’s in great shape! No floor rot, hull is solid, even the engine looks clean !  It’s been sitting in storage at this marina for 5 years and was winterized when it went in so I think I got pretty lucky with this one.   Oh ya…the engine is the ONLY thing that looks clean on this boat….I have a full day of scrubbing and buffing ahead of me !

One thing though….I have NO idea if it runs or not !!  I didn’t want to try to start it last fall just to have to re-winterize it again. But I checked for compression and all cylinders look good so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

The only other major problem that I noticed was that someone took the tilt/trim motor apart so now it’s all rusted inside. I found another complete unit…pump, motor, etc…on ebay for $80 so I spent yesterday afternoon swapping  that out.  So later today I’m going to try to start it up and hopefully get it in the water this weekend !!!

Happy boating all !